African-American & Independent Filmmakers Support Society

AAIFSS is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing resources, information and avenues of communication for its members; independent filmmakers, industry professionals and independent film enthusiasts and everyday moviegoers. AAIFSS is committed to the idea that African-Americans filmmakers and actors and independent films in general are an important influential voice in our society.

AAIFSS, main objective is to keep the ever so growing moviegoers population informed of all levels of motion pictures and also play as a hub where independent filmmakers can network. Keeping moviegoers informed on new and fresh voices of the independent film community is also an important task to us. We intend to open up some marketing avenues(via AAIFSS) for films with little or no advertising budgets, films produced for direct to video and also short films that continuously try to gain an audience. AAIFSS goals are to expand the independent film enthusiast’s audience about such films, and to encourage the diversity and quality of independent film production.

Come join and be apart of (AAIFSS).  We are a growing filmmaker support society based out of Indianapolis, Indiana.  (AAIFSS) isn't just a place where you could talk about movies; it's a place where you can learn about them and the people behind them.  We will bring you information that will advance your knowledge of the filmmaking process for those who desire.  And if your not curious about the way films are made you can still be apart of a society that cares about the moviegoer and filmmaker equally.  Along with a newsletter members will have the opportunity to attend advance screenings of movies in there local cities, when available.   Please take a look to see what (AAIFSS) has to offer for you.

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